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September 01 2017

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In the light of the window
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Bold patterns
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Summertime in the backyard, thinking about BBQ, poolside lounging, washing the car, and oh yeah, Windows keyboard shortcuts. Beautiful Summer!
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I stare out at the city and feel that it is mine, all mine.
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Seven men from ancient times and their favorite cool gadgets of the day.

Geological Warp-Transporter

Copper Counterer

Analyzing Biopsy Battler

Therapeutic Cure-Shield

Night Warp-Hypnotizer

Cryptography Illuminator


Aero Navigating Extender
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She likes to read. Some of her favorite books are written by some relatively unknown authors like:

Alma Nelson
Alta Carrillo
Alta Phelps
Belinda Elizabeth Rollins
Benita Rosemarie Ward
Bettye Edith Watson
Blanca Cruz
Candice Banks
Candy Macias
Colleen Lorena Higgins
Crystal Miranda
Deloris Kayla Gilliam
Dianne Adele Cruz
Dionne Debora Craft
Erma Araceli Wolf
Esmeralda Alfreda Cotton
Eunice Ross
Gabriela Tammie Velasquez
Gabrielle Swanson
Gertrude Delia Le
Gilda Chelsea Carr
Heather Bowman
Helga Leola Jarvis
Joanna Gilda Sandoval
Josefina Zimmerman
Keisha Marla Stokes
Kellie Leah Dalton
Kerri Jayne Mcknight
Letha Lindsay
Lilia Karen Tucker
Lilia Mathis
Louisa Suzanne Lang
Louise House
Lynda Coleman
Manuela Tyson
Marianne Pennington
Marsha Pruitt
Mattie Delacruz
Melody Mckenzie
Michelle Martina Castillo
Nadia Rowe
Noemi Cox
Patrica Trujillo
Rachel Dickson
Sandra Fitzpatrick
Sheryl Mayra Frazier
Stephanie Yolanda Solis
Tamara Wolfe
Tessa Dena Spencer
Toni Barker

...and she really liked the following comic books:

Ace Danger
Atom Cops
Brock Blast And The Powerdragons
Drake Zoom And The Cattix
Flash Extreme And The Eagle Fighters
Hawk Masters
Johnny Flash And The Wolfsaurs
Kelly Impossible And The Atom Strikers
King Action
Lord Ultimate And The Electrotix
Max Velocity And The Foxsaurs
Night Crusaders
Princess Forever And The Bat Raiders
Princess Zap And The Speedsharks
Professor Solar And The Megatix
Teen Insects
Wheeled Police
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I'm stepping up and stepping out of the water.
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A lonely day at the beach. No one here. Just me in my orange bikini. So sad.
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She was a tough girl with a geek gamer past. She wasn't just a Dungeons & Dragons fan -- she made Minecraft maps for fun and played all of these games at some point:

Courage and Charms
Elementalists and Empires
Emperors and Explorers
Goblins and Gargoyles
Grimoires and Gods
Helmets and Hauntings
Rangers and Runes
Thrones and Tunnels
Wanderers and Witchcraft
Warlocks and Witches
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A hot Summer day by the pool.
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Cute blonde sitting in a chair.
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We're busting out all over!
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April 16 2017

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Who wants to serve next?
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The bikini bottoms are an off-shade of the color Jestreu - an iridescent greenish-blue. Under light of this color broken machinery may start to work.
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Cold and lonely on the coast
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The color of these cut-off jeans make me think of the color Melleget - The model blue. Those that see this color relive the past.

April 11 2017

Kind of psychedelic!
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Her lingerie is a light shade of atitent - a bright purple. The crystals of this color are associated with sobriety.
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The intense blue of her suit reminds me of sonnuser - a vivid blue. There are talismans of this color that are said harm the stealth of one's enemies. It's one of the many musings of Nona Wilcox.
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